Is something organic if it is shipped across the country? What about the fuel that is used and how that affects our environment, not to mention the freshness of the food and a myriad of other factors. Over the last few years i have been reading everything i can get my hands on to help me answer these and other questions so sit back, relax and explore where my quest has taken me thus far.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Four Springs Farm day 1

 Sepia sunset at the farm

The beginning of out campfire, I am prepping dinner for the hot coals.

I just had to plug this beer.  It's local VT beer called Long Trail and the type if Blackbeary Wheat....
it was truly delicious!

So the meal for the first night was a veal stew.  The veal and cheese was purchased at our friends farm in West Pawlet, VT.  The fresh produce was procured from various market stands on the roads we drove upon.  I kind of flew on by the seat of my pants in the tomato preparation; I cut the top off and added some goat cheese, fresh garlic and a splash of beer it cooked down into this wonderful tomato soup. I added corn to the potato dish, it was seriously the BEST corn we have ever eaten.  Oh and the veal stew........what can I say - it was unforgettable.

The beginning of sunset from our camp site.

Even in Bl & W it's really beautiful

Check that sexy tomato out!


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