Is something organic if it is shipped across the country? What about the fuel that is used and how that affects our environment, not to mention the freshness of the food and a myriad of other factors. Over the last few years i have been reading everything i can get my hands on to help me answer these and other questions so sit back, relax and explore where my quest has taken me thus far.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Urban Herbs

Well I got a new toy. It is called an AeroGarden, it is a dirtless herb and veggie growing system supposedly designed by NASA but who knows. Anyway, it's pretty cool, someday I hope to have a real garden in an outside space to call my own, but for now this will do. This grower comes with a little pump to circulate the water around and growlights which are on a timer. I have "planted" 7 different herbs; thyme, dill, mint, parsley, italian basil, chives and purple basil. The purple basil is poking through the fastest, I hope to be able to grow enough basil to make a delicious pesto. I am currently reading a book called "French Women Don't Get Fat" I am finding it surprisingly enjoyable. A tip I picked up from it is that I can make pesto and freeze it into ice cube tray size servings and one "cube" should serve 2. I like this idea and will be trying out storing it and other items I make in smaller quantities, it seems practical since it is only myself and Mr. CM.

Right now the little herbs are only about 5 days old. I think in another week or so I will start to see more progress, the mosquitoes really like the planting system, I think they like the warmth of the light, it's kind of nice though because they have not been bothering me lately :)

Ok more on the herbs next time.


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