Is something organic if it is shipped across the country? What about the fuel that is used and how that affects our environment, not to mention the freshness of the food and a myriad of other factors. Over the last few years i have been reading everything i can get my hands on to help me answer these and other questions so sit back, relax and explore where my quest has taken me thus far.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Almonds, Almonds Everywhere (pt2)

Well, i have a spread. But it is not the delicious nut cheese i remember from the restaurant.
It is a firm thick spread that holds a shape and has an interesting flavor, but i think i could have added herbs to it to enhance the taste. I am on the hunt for a more accurate recipe, any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

We have determined that this relegates a trip back to the restaurant for further tasting and analyzing of this mysterious nut cheese. Of course, in the meantime, the spread that was created will not go to waste, it will work well in some dishes or even just as a topping on a cracker.

Stay tuned

City Mouse

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