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Thursday, January 6, 2011

New year, new me?

The yogurt is "yo-ing"
Well like everyone else on the planet I am going to lose some weight in the new year.  It's more than that though, I intend to get back to some of my healthy eating habits that I so lazily have abandoned lately.  I have started a little three day cleanse, I thought that would kick off this new me quite nicely.  During these three days I will eat very light meals, veggie soups, lots of teas, water, etc. 

After that I will transition into what I hope will become pretty much my normal diet.  For now I am cutting out red meat and will eat chicken occasionally, getting my protein from other sources is not a problem as I love nuts and can tolerate soy and tofu in small amounts although I find it dreadfully boring.  I am also cutting my alcohol intake back to two days per week MAX.  I generally like to have a glass of wine with dinner or something but all that sugar is going right to my belly and I hate that.  For now I am completely cutting dairy out, with the exception of my love for cheese this is not an issue as I generally try to avoid dairy and all that crap that is in it.  The soybella machine will come in very handy in making my "milks" for coffee and other recipes.  I can cut back on bread but never really felt it was a problem for me, I think aiming to be aware of portion sizes would be more beneficial to me at this point.

Today started off with a bang and I am feeling very positive about these changes.  I had a cup of tea and 1/2 piece of peanut butter toast along with one cleanse pill oh and of course water!

As a late day snack I am making a nice light veggie broth.  In the pot I put water, a light sodium veggie cube, an onion and a ton of celery, maybe 5 pieces of so.  Then I added about 5 garlic cloves, paprika, oregano, salt and old bay seasoning.  It smells GREAT and is tasting quite nice.  Generally I would make soba noodles to have with this but since I am cleansing I am trying to do mainly a liquid diet for three days and will not add anything.

My next feat is my attempt at making coconut milk yogurt.  I found a site where the person was able to successfully make it so I am trying right now to do this.  My recipe differed from hers slightly because I love really thick creamy yogurt.

1 can coconut milk (lite or regular)
3 tbsp unsweetened shredded coconut
1 tsp guar gum (thickener)
1tbsp yogurt starter or probiotic packet (since this is a half recipe and my probiotic packs are for larger batches I opted for the tbsp of yogurt starter)

SS Spoon
1-2 qt pot (for this batch 1 qt is fine)
Yogurt making machine or something comprible

Sterilize everything (i boiled water in my teapot and poured it over the yogurt containers and other equipment.
Boil coconut milk to approx. 160 degrees F  stir regurarly
turn off heat
Add shredded coconut and guar gum stir ALOT
Let cool down to about 110 degrees F before adding probiotic and stir again
Pour into yogurt containers and follow instructions for your machine, i am letting my yogurt "YO" for about 10 hours and will check on it then.

Wish me luck!  I will update later.


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