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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Eggplant Parmisan

I found this beautiful eggplant in the grocery store a few days ago and just had to have it.  I have not had eggplant parmesan in years and thought i would give it a shot.  Pulled out my old go-to cookbook for classic home cooking and started to prep the eggplant.  It ended up being a lot more steps than i planned but all the hard work should be well rewarded at dinnertime. 

There is one twist to this story because our oven is currently on the fritz so i decided to use the slow cooker instead.  It should turn out fine, it will just take a little longer. 

Here was the recipe (roughly):
1. Slice eggplant, place in colander and sprinkle salt on them, leave sit for 30 minutes, rinse and pat dry.
2. chop one onion place in pan and brown, add garlic cloves (i used three small cloves).  Add tomato paste and tomato sauce, i also added oregano and basil powder and a splash of balsamic vinegar.  Cook together on low, turn off heat if it starts to boil or stick to pan.
3. dip eggplant into egg then into flour (i added parmesan cheese to the flour).  Place into preheated pan which has oil in it.  cook 3-4 minutes until brown.

Once this was all complete, i put a little sauce into the bottom of the slow cooker then started my layering.  Layer of sauce, layer of eggplant, layer of mozzerella and parmesan cheeses and another layer of sauce, keep going until out of eggplant and sauce.
Turn slow cooker on and let her rip!  I suspect dinner will be around 6:00 or so.  Dan will make some of his famous garlic bread and we will be very adult and even have salad. ;)

Buon apetit!


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