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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The sensational soybella machine!

So the coconut and almond milks ended up being a little too gloopy with the guar gum in it.  I need to learn more about that ingredient.  It was still good, but i really do not prefer to chew my coffee in the morning.

Today I decided to try something new.  I made a coconut/almond milk combo.  I did not add any guar gum, only a little bit of sugar.  It came out great so far, i am letting it cool from it's hotter than the sun temperature before i try to sample any.  I can happily say there were no injuries incurred with the making of this milk!

For tonight we are trying a new recipe from the book with some minor changes.  The base recipe is a curried mushroom soup.  I decided to augment this dish to make it more of a filling meal with curried turkey meatballs, made by yours truly.

Here is the basic recipe, which if you have a hand blender or even a regular blender this can be made and enjoyed!

1 (8oz) cup cashews

2 cups mushrooms, chopped (this is the soybella special cup measurement)  in real life it is about 1 (8oz cup)

.8L water (can be more if not using the soybella)

1 tsp pepper

1 tsp. poultry spice blend (i used old bay seasoning)

1 tsp. sea salt

pinch or more of curry powder, we happen to like this spice, so i used more

pat of fresh butter (i omitted this, it sounded stupid to me.......)

fresh parsley for garnish (omitted, but would do it for company)

These ingredients get either blended together with your hand blender or tossed into the soybella to become soup puree.

Turkey curry meatballs

1lb lean ground turkey

1 egg

small shallot chopped well

clove of garlic, minced

1 tsp red curry powder

1/4 C +/- breadcrumbs

Mix all together and roll into small (think wedding soup) meatballs.  I baked them in the oven first then threw them into a pot to which i added the mushroom soup so they could all sit and share flavors.

Right now we are waiting, will be eating dinner in about an hour.......again with the waiting.....

prep time, i used shitake mushrooms and unsalted cashews

the finished product, color wise seemed bland but taste wise was exceptional
So we ate our delicious soup, needless to say it will be a staple in our repertoire.  The spice was just right, the mushrooms and cashews broke down beautifully and the little meatballs were the perfect touch.  YUMMY!


PS - we tried the coconut/almond milk, it has a perfect thickness, flavor and taste!  YAY!

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