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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Safe Cosmetic Act of 2010

This absurd, obnoxious bill was placed before congress this week.  It is unrealistic, un-American and another of the many ploys to put small businesses out of business.  In some instances it is a direct violation of our rights as Americans touching on freedom of the press and I am sure some others. 

"But it will make consumers safer" you say?  I am sorry but this is an illusion, it may be called the safe cosmetics act but it should really be called the tyrannical rules and regulations of big government goons who have no idea what they are talking about.  There is actually a part of the bill which would require us to list ALL trace elements in ALL ingredients, including things like water, think about it, even bottled water companies do not have to do this and WE DRINK THAT WATER! 

It's ridiculous and that name of the bill will make the average consumer believe that this is in their own best interest.  This bill will sink the small companies and leave only the large corporations, it will limit your choices and cost more for you in the end as the price for cosmetics will rise in order for everyone from the vendors to the manufacturers to comply with this pile of crap (aka "the bill").

Why am I touting and spouting about this?  I am a small business owner, this affects me, my family and my wonderful and loyal customers.  I know many soap makers, lotion makers and cosmetic manufacturers.  The people that make these products, make them by hand, with the utmost care and consideration, they are overly cautious because they know their customers, they speak with and interact with them regularly, their customers are their neighbors, friends and family.  These small time manufacturers ARE NOT the ones to worry about.  These are the people who already list everything on their labels, they do extra research on products, vendors and methods to ensure that they are always making the best possible item for their customers, their friends.  We do not have some fancy legal team in our back room that will tell us how to skirt around an issue so we are just honest and straightforward. 

We got into this business because I was tired of not being able to pronounce some ingredients on labels, I was tired of wasting my money on the newest miracle cream only to find that it was just a lot of fluff.  I was tired of the largest organ on my body (our skin) taking the brunt of misinformation.  So I read, and I read, and I read some more and I scoured the internet and I found forums and read their threads, and I would sit and think and make notes until one day I just did it, I made my first batch of soap.  It was the ugliest looking thing I have ever created but it was also the best thing, it was bubbly, moisturizing and made my skin feel like a rockstar!  I took that experience and ran with it and hence the birth of Serendipity Soapsmiths. 

We have a wonderful company, we have great customers who interact with us regularly and challenge us with questions which I love, they make it so that I want to and need to continue to learn so that our products are better for them.  There is no large corporation who does this.

Please read the petition and review the bill, please help us to stop this, I don't want to have to run off and join the circus to make a living.



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