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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pesto II

I made pesto back in September and wrote about it. BUT I did not make it from basil that we grew for the past few months. We finally trimmed our basil tree (yes, it became a tree) this morning and I pulled out the old food processor to make some pesto. The basil was great the kitchen smelled intoxicating as I was pruning the"tree".  I think I am so partial to this batch because it has been a labor of love from our little kitchen garden.  I mean the thing got so bit some leaves got burned by the grow lights and our other plants are all midgets because they have been starved for light!  I used almost the same recipe as last time but substituted pecorino romano cheese instead as I like the sharp bite and saltiness it brings to the table.

The pesto turned out GREAT, it was bright green in the processor once mixed, in my opinion good pesto, like a good piece of beef or fine wine needs to rest and the ingredients need to blossom prior to being completely enjoyed. I let it sit for a bit about 30 minutes at room temperature and tasted it again later and there was more complexity to it, as if the cheese and pine nuts and olive oil all did their dance and merged together.  Of course basil is the star of this dish and always will be, the other ingredients are only to compliment and punch up with deliciousness of that ingredient which they totally did.

We will make a couple great dishes with this pesto, then I will take the remaining and freeze it into an ice cube tray. Why such small portions you ask? Well pesto, unlike marinara or alfredo sauces can be enjoyed in much smaller amounts - about the size of an ice cube is actually a service size for someone, that is unless you are of the biggie size generation, much like myself, an ice cube sounds so minuscule. I agree it does, but just try it, you will be pleasantly surprised and then your creation will be able to go much further and make appearances in many more dishes than you could have dreamed of!

Just to save you from searching again, the recipe is:
12 Cloves of garlic (although I thought 8 was better, 12 scared all the vampires, close friends, family and colleagues away)
4 C fresh basil
1/3 C pine nuts
1/2 C grated parmesan (i used the romano instead)
1/2 C olive oil (more if you prefer a different texture)
salt/pepper to taste (i didn't need any, the romano is very salty to me)

I got this awesome but simple recipe from Bruce Brennan, who is the author of Hippy Gourmet and has many cool videos on youtube (look him up!)

The final product >>>>>>>
Oh, I have so many delicious plans for this pretty!

Buon Appetite from the Mouse!

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