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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chocolate yogurt?!? Is that legal?

Yes, I am feeling quite naughty today.  We also purchased some fresh milk that came from a chocolate cow.......well not really, the milk was fresh and it is chocolate flavored but the cow was a plain ol' vanilla one.  HeHeHe.  I thought it would be fun to take a little of my left over whipping cream and the chocolate milk and try to make a fun yogurt with it.  I think it will taste GREAT with some fresh bananas.  Now I have it in the yogurt maker and will have to wait all night for it to properly "yo" before trying it :(  The recipe I used was simple, tomorrow after work I will strain it to make it the thick creamy consistency that I love and then I shall eat it up YUM!

Chocolate Yogurt:
Yields 1 quart
1 C Whipping cream
1C Chocolate milk (it is a whole milk)  The farm it comes from is: Ronny Brook Farms, sometimes they distribute outside of New York, check your local health food store
2C Skim Milk

Slowly bring heat up to 180 degrees stirring to avoid burning the milk on the bottom of the pot.  Turn off heat and let the milk cool to between 108-112 (or whatever your yogurt culture calls for)  I use Yogourmet live culture.  And now I wait........I am not good at this part.  

More on the success or failure of this little experiment tomorrow!



That chocolate cow would be so proud ;)

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